We help you with your improvement projects in complete confidentiality.




Our teams support you at every stage of your engineering projects, from the audit to the implementation of innovative solutions, including the research of innovative solutions and their realization.

Project Management

From prototyping to finalization, through the stages of verification, evaluation, and validation, we support you in the management of your projects. We take care of the schedule and management of deadlines for you.

Technical Assistance

We assist you in troubleshooting and problem-solving for production lines. We provide the necessary help to ensure the resolution of issues and restart production lines as quickly as possible.

SCIPROD intervenes to reduce stoppages, help you regain normal productivity, and analyze the reasons for failures and defects to avoid recurrence.

Investment Support

Investment is a crucial step for the renewal of your production tools. We support you in writing specifications, searching for solutions, and choosing your equipment.

SCIPROD supports you in the development of your products to extend their lifespan or diversify your industrial investment.


We provide training sessions with your teams, tailored to your needs. Training is essential for the successful implementation of your projects, including the handling of new equipment, tools, and methodologies.

Our goal is to work with you for the success of your projects. SCIPROD helps you acquire new skills and train your teams in the operation of equipment, the use of new methodologies, and innovative solutions.

Our Clients' Cases


From idea to prototype. We accompany you in the realization of your prototypes for better integration into your manufacturing processes and faster time to market.

SCIPROD allows you to make the necessary adjustments and create your prototypes by integrating our network of partner companies specialized in additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Intervention can be performed on-site or remotely via teleconferencing tools.