We help you in your improvement projects with complete confidentiality.


Our services


SCIPROD supports you in adapting your production tool to the future market demand. The necessary modifications are highlighted by an objective assessment of the viability and profitability of your project.

Project Management

From prototyping to on-site validation of the production line and training in its use, our customers can entrust us with the management of an entire project. All validation milestones are contractually defined.

Technical Assistance

The industrialization of a new product can pose problems. Repeatability is not good, or the quality of the manufactured product is not at the level expected by your customer.

SCIPROD operates all over the world to assess, analyze, propose solutions and implement them on your manufacturing tools, with your personnel.

Investment Support

Investing in a new production tool requires an in-depth needs analysis phase. Gathering the various requirements, synthesizing them and drawing up specifications are crucial stages in the investment in a tool that will be usable and profitable for many years to come.

SCIPROD brings its knowledge of the extrusion process to bear on the entire process of industrial investment.


We offer training in subjects such as updating knowledge, implementing new production tools, and continuous improvement.

SCIPROD also organizes training at the specific request of a company in a given context.

Our case studies


Prototyping is the manufacturing phase to produce quick prototypes for testing, measuring, and validating before production.

SCIPROD offers a rapid prototyping service to create prototypes in short lead times.

Interventions can be carried out on site or remotely via teleconferencing tools.