Industrialization of New Structures


Client Request

The industrialist wishes to integrate a new product into their manufacturing but cannot free up enough machine time to conduct tests for the industrialization of the product.

Our Analysis

The organization of the company does not allow for freeing up machine time without putting production at risk.
Work on optimizing production sequences is necessary to reduce the risks of production delays and stops.
The most effective solution to integrate the new product will be to externalize the tests and the setup of the product industrialization at the manufacturing site.

Our Solution

Our approach is based on a combination of optimization at the client’s site and the externalization of industrialization, thus avoiding overburdening the production with the new product.

The Result

The industrialization of the new product only required three days out of the five days planned.

The work carried out before the industrialization of the new product allowed for the insertion of the new product without disrupting existing productions.

The industrialist wishes to continue the work of optimizing the manufacturing process to further reduce the risk of delay.