Implementation of a Material Quality Control Method


Client Request

In the context of a project to improve the quality of manufactured products, a compound manufacturer wishes to set up a protocol for controlling the material before sale.

Our Analysis

Currently, the manufacturer uses laboratory tools to control the characteristics of their materials (MFI, Elongation, duration, etc.). While these characteristics are important, other tools can be used to enhance the understanding and behavior of materials on their clients’ production lines.

Our Solution

A quality analysis method for the compound was established, based on the analysis of variations in a defined extrusion process.

Several small-dimension extrusion tools (Ø25mm) are available on a site with minor modifications to be made.

A quality control method for materials has been established with production and quality teams. 25kg of material are needed to perform the test.

The Result

Two units are now equipped with the same extrusion tool to conduct quality control tests at the end of material production. The analysis of material variations now enables clients to instantly support their customers.
An added benefit is the history of the tests, which allows for monitoring any degradation in the conditions of the compounding lines (wear and tear of screws and barrels, for example).