Manufacturing of a Tube with a New Polymer Blend


Client Request

For a feasibility test, a company is looking to obtain a small series (1000) of tubes with a specific blend of materials.

This blend includes several polyamides and a dye. The means at their disposal do not allow them to provide these small quantities at a reasonable price for the client.

The company approached us to find a less expensive solution.

Our Analysis

The means available for the blend and production require a minimum quantity of one ton. This quantity is too significant for this test. Production lines can be reserved for one day.
The main challenge is to optimize the available resources.

Our Solution

A manufacturer capable of producing batches of blends of a minimum of 75kg was sourced. Six variations of the initial blend were produced.
SCIPROD assisted the client in producing the samples for the reserved day on their site. Out of the six samples, one variation was selected.

The Result

Following the tube’s validation by their client, the company ordered two tons of the chosen blend.

SCIPROD assisted in the industrialization of the new tube at the client’s location.