Method for industrializing new structures

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Client Request

The industrialization of the new structures developed by the client was taking too long to set up due to the production process not always being rigorous in terms of delivery within the defined time, quality, and quantity.

SCIPROD was approached to implement a fast and efficient industrialization method.

Our Analysis

The first observation is that the prototyping phase only covers a small part of the final process of manufacturing, and the tests made during this phase are sometimes even done on several hundred samples for validation.
The second observation is that the point of realization under production conditions represents the most important phase of the prototyping process. Having significant experience in these stages offers sufficient confidence to carry out a serene industrialization.
The time required to validate each step in the industrialization process is increasing.

Our Solution

A new industrialization process has been set up, organizing resources differently.

The industrialization of a new structure now follows the following plan:
The time allocated to each step is decreasing. The method implemented allows for understanding and resolving numerous difficulties at the start of the industrialization process.

The Result

The total time for production (final validation of the industrialization of the structure) has been reduced by 45% with an average delivery delay reduction of up to 300%. The phase of validating the process is more resource-intensive (time, raw materials, manpower), but then the execution speed is faster in the subsequent steps.
The quality of the product has significantly improved. (Indicator: Comparison of the number of non-conformities during the same period after the production of a new structure).
Control methods and production batch monitoring allow for a quick response from staff to any fluctuation in the process.