Work Plan for an Investment in Three Tube Extrusion Lines


Client Request

As part of an investment in three new production lines, the industrialist is seeking technical support for the management of the investment.

Our Analysis

Extrusion is not the core business of the industrialist. His teams are not prepared to manage this investment which should be productive for the next 20 years.
The technical and financial risk of a poor definition of the need is significant.

Our Solution

SCIPROD has proposed to take charge of, with the teams of the implantation site, the definition of the need, the drafting of the specifications, and the management of the relationship with different suppliers of extrusion lines.

As SCIPROD is not linked to any manufacturer, it remains independent and impartial in the technical choices.

The Result

Three days of intervention were carried out to collect and understand the client’s needs. Initially, three extrusion lines were planned, but the analysis of needs and technical choices showed that two lines were sufficient to cover all the needs.

The work carried out with the teams of the implantation site also made it possible to correct and accelerate the qualification and the startup of the lines.