Reduction of the rejection rate thanks to optimization of the temperature profile and production speed.


Client Request

The increase in production cost (material price and energy) compels the industrial sector to improve the productivity of a tube extrusion line.

Our Analysis

Several avenues are possible to improve the productivity of the manufacturing line. More efficient machines are available on the market, and various improvement actions can be implemented on the current line.

Our Solution

SCIPROD has proposed working on two approaches: New investment and optimization of manufacturing conditions on the current material.
A new investment cannot be realized before a period of 18 months, so the focus was on optimizing the operation of the current production line.
The main step was to increase the flow of the extruder while ensuring the quality of the melted material.

The Result

The production speed increased by 20% while controlling the quality of the melted material and ensuring an effective calibration and cooling of the tube.
In addition, the increase in the rotation speed of the screw significantly reduced the number of “inclusions” type defects due to a more significant shearing of the material in the extruder.