Manufacturing of PVDF Tube for Aging Tests


Client Request

A laboratory is looking for a solution to obtain 20 one-meter long tube samples made of fluorinated product to carry out mechanical and chemical tests.

The dimensions of the tube (110 SDR 10) require large industrial installations. Industries with these capacities offer a prototyping cost that is too high (>100,000 €). This cost is linked to the amount of material required and the significant time for stabilization and adjustment before production.

The laboratory approached us to find a more affordable solution.

Our Analysis

The dimensions of the tube and the material used require a significant production line and a configuration that can protect the tool and staff from the risks of fluorinated product extrusion.
Also, the tool’s length and the time to stabilize and adjust before production is not a critical criterion. Production lines are available in Europe, but skills in the extrusion of fluorinated products are limited.

Our Solution

An industrial manufacturer of large diameter PE tubes was identified. An audit of the line showed it could produce the desired dimension.
Since the staff did not have experience in fluorinated product extrusion, SCIPROD became the operator of the line during the production. After acquiring the raw material, a first production trial of a small diameter tube was done to validate the process and calculate the size of the tools required for the final product.
Once the die and the spinneret were manufactured, the production of the samples was initiated.

The Result

The 20 tube samples were packed and shipped to the laboratory.
The total cost of the intervention is less than 30,000 €.